• Purpose

    House of Nahl as an online thobe retailer allows customers to embark on a journey that stands for much more.
    From the stitching of every intricate detail, our passion for modest clothing and sharp aesthetics drives us to strive for the highest quality product, that brings people together for cause, purpose and action, from every corner of the world.

  • Community

    The design of our thobes is centred around premium quality and an authentically stylish and sleek aesthetic, but represents an unwavering desire to constantly better the world in which we live, rooted in the concepts of community and togetherness.

  • Lifestyle

    Islam is our motivation, and there is strength in numbers. From this came the connection from our thobes to lifestyle. We want to motivate and inspire growth for the ummah, and we believe the positive, enriching lifestyle that we aim to compliment our thobes with is a daily driver to help reach this goal.

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